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17 Facts About Promotional Products & How They Help You Grow

If you’re business-person, you know the impact that promotional items can have on a business life and health.  But did you know these crazy facts about them? Just read the article to learn why whould you better order promotional giveaways right now!

  1. 80% of your customers keep the promotional gifts you give to them and use them as long as they go.
  2. The usage among these 80% is so high too. Actually 53% of them keep and use them even up to 2 years! This means a free shoutout for your business for 2 years!
  3. Well the percentage above doesn’t mean the other 47% throw them away. But it’s only one out of five people trashing an unwanted product.
  4. After you give a good Promotional gift to people, 85% of them will do business with you!!!!!!!
  5. Fabric bags are the apple of U.S People’s eyes! They get the highest rate of impressions among all other promotional products in United States.
  6. more than 3 out 10 people in American and European countries, have and use a promotional bag.
  7. The first promotional products of the history were the button pins of George Washington in 1789 presidental elections.
  8. 48% of people want and like to get more promotional gifts. (Well let’s say not all 100% of them confessed loving having free gifts!!!)
  9. The average time of using a promotional item by your customer is 6.6 months.
  10. The most fun fact is that 63% of consumers, pass along the promotional items that thy no longer use or need. this means a resurection in your brand awareness among a whole new group of people all for free!
  11. 89% of the people who you give a promotional gift to, will remember your brand, name, address and etc. for over 2 years!!
  12. Ninety-one percent of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen, 74 percent have at least one in their workspace, 55 percent have at least one in their bedroom.
  13. Hear this out: 77% ofyour promotional products’ customers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the number-one reason to keep it! while health and safety products, computer products and writing instruments are ranked as the most useful.
  14. We also have a list of top buyers beside our top sellers! the highest quantity and orders are from these business categories: education, finance, not-for-profit, healthcare, and construction.
  15. Now coming to the top sellers, writing utensils, bags and drinkware are the most prefered items among all other promotional products in American and european countries.
  16. Female consumers are more likely to have bags, writing instruments and calendars as promotional products.
  17. Logoed mugs in particular are more effective advertising than radio and television spots; 57 percent of people were able to recall the advertiser on a mug, versus 32% of radio and 28% of television!!!!

So why are you still waiting and waisting your time here?! Go right to the promotional products list and order your preferred giveaway now…

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