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Best Promotional Holiday Gift Ideas

promotional holiday gifts

Best Promotional Holiday Gift Ideas

Ho, ho, ho! Looking to spread some holiday cheer among customers and employees? Our mind-bending selection of holiday promotional gifts should do the trick for you. Celebrate the Christmas holiday and promote your brand this December 2019 with our unique corporate gifts.

According to statistics, corporate merchandising is a $125 billion industry. And of course, there isn’t any better way than giving some gifts and branded merchandise to your customers for making them happy during the holidays. This means that choosing the right promotional gift for your clients and colleagues is a dead serious subject! But how to choose the perfect gift for your clients? Don’t worry… we’re here to help you out choosing the best item as your business gift.

First, take a look at our catalogue of 2019 Christmas gifts to get some ideas about cheap spectacular gifts and then read this article to see what you can order and how you can use them. You’ll find a wide variety of holiday giveaways and gifts at prices to please any budget at Promoforever Co.

Why promotional gifts matter even more on holidays?

Signing a contract and starting a cooperation with a company is just the same as buying something at a store. How? In both cases your client has tons of other options to buy or work with. So, it’s important to convince them to choose you over their other options. Of course, your first and most important key to persuading people to buy from you and trust in you is your service quality and price; but, it’s also very essential to keep the clients close to you. this makes them come back to you each time they need your services. Give a gift that says you appreciate your customers and you’ll fulfil the expectations to the topmost point. Yet, there are a few rules to have the most effective item for your customers:

  • Customize: Making the gifts special and customized for both your company and your clients
  • Low Price: Everyone can buy expensive gifts to impress their clients but is it the right way to gain customers by over payed items which are even more expensive than your own sservice? No!
  • All-time items: giving something that would only do the job for you on a special day, isn’t the best way to engrave your name on your clients’ minds! Go beyond the holidays and give gifts that would remain in their everyday lives for a longer time.

So, let’s see how to obey these rules and top notch this year’s Christmas gifts:

Customized promotional items to give as holiday gifts

Let’s face that the only way to make outstanding corporate gifts is to personalize them. It might look hard but it’s not. Our minimum quantities are so low that you can easily order a different item for each group of your clients. This way, you can avoid giving the exact same present to all your customers and consider their personal hobbies and interests in your promotional gifts.

Here is an example; If you own a gym and want to give holiday gifts to your clients, you can consider giving different items to the men and women there. Women would love branded pocket wet wipes, while men would like to have the promotional drawstring backpack to put their clothes in. why? Don’t forget that women won’t use any bag with their clothes!!

Cheap promotional items V.S.  expensive VIP Gifts

Don’t overdo the whole promotional gifts thing with giving a gift that’s worth more than the service you’re providing! This won’t make your brand look luxurious, but you’ll seem to be trying so hard to trick people into your business. Just make sure that your gift is proportionate to the amount of money that your client is paying you so, no one would feel awkward about your gift.

Think beyond the holiday season in holiday promotional items

When you give your clients merchandises which are useful for them through the whole year, it will make your company stand out on a regular basis for a longer time than just one day, “the holiday or event day”.

Now that you know why promotional holiday gifts are so important, it’s time to take a look at some ideas on amazing promotional products for your customers!

Perfect Present Ideas For Customers

The first step in providing your customers with promotional gifts is the quality and price which will work for your company and customer. With high quality items you can show them how much you care about them and with buying cheap products, you can spread your word through a bigger community of your customers and lead clients. After that you can top it all off with some meaningful Christmas gifts.

Here are some meaningful client gift ideas:

Want to know a secret? A calendar mousepad is an incredibly affordable gift that you can give clients all year long. It will also last all year long! And this means a lot more durable advertising with a cheaper price. All that you have to do is send your customer a mousepad calendar so they can use it as both calendar and also a mousepad on their desks.

Bonus points: Calendars will last for a year and he final layer of rubber mousepad will last even more than that

Not sure if your client has a PC desk?

You can ship them a notebook instead?

giving your client a professional moleskin with your logo is an unforgettable gift! Do you want to keep it even more high in class? Give them a VIP set of notebook, power bank and pen agenda.

Do you want to keep it really low key yet very useful? Try buying some car air fresheners for your customers. These promotional full color printed and custom shaped air fresheners can represent your brand in 25 different scents! They are extremely affordable and besides, who wouldn’t want to put an air freshener in their car and house around that time of the year?

Want to take it up a notch?

Order the air fresheners in the form of decorative stones to add more delicacy to their interior design and stay in there for more than 6 months with their super long-lasting fragrances!

More Unique Holiday Gifts

 Aren’t you pleased with our previous suggestions? Are you looking for more unique and VIP items? We got your back on this too. In fact, you can’t stop impressing your clients by giving these items to them:

buying your customer a USB flash drive with your logo branded on it is a fantastic gift. They will use it for a lifetime and appreciate your very cool gift during all those times when they use it.

Have you considered giving your customers the present of Pens? You can go with different kinds of pens from plastic to metal and VIP pen sets. All branded with your logo.

What’s the real deal about giving a Power Bank to your clients? Honestly, most customers would rather receive an up-to-date techy present than something they might never even use! That’s why you should purchase some modern digital gadgets like power banks, speakers, etc.

Finalizing the ideas: Choose the items according to your business type

It’s ok if you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your clients. We’re still here to help with a cheat sheet. First of all, don’t forget that no matter what you choose, your clients will love any presents you give them cause it’s a PRESENT! So just brand a gift suitable for your budget and go on with the production. But if you want to specialize something for your own business, just take a look at our categories and see what we got there which is perfect for your brand. There is a wide range of different promotional products, made just for you!

Need some more assistance? Contact us for all of your promotional holiday gift needs!

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