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Brand Awareness Through Promotional Products

Brand Awareness Through Promotional Products

Raising a company’s brand awareness is getting harder and harder each year. With the current economic environment and industrial growth all around the world, small companies are starting to get wiped out from minds. So, it’s necessary to create brand recognition for your company to attract not only customers but also employees and possible leads in this huge mess of economy.

One of the best and most outstanding ways to do such investment is by the means of promotional product from car air fresheners to promotional pens and keychains. But after the global crisis of Corona Virus and China’s trading system collapse, it seemed Almost impossible to buy all those promotional products that many companies used to buy. But, don’t worry; we’re here to help you out with that issue. How? Read the whole article and you’ll see…

Imagine a huge production facility and wholesale promotional products, manufacturing and producing all kinds of promotional products with absolutely 0% Chinese material. From Wet wipes and tissues to plastic products and promotional bags, all being made with Turkish & European material in hygienic machines. And it gets even better by bringing in the perfect full color printing of your image on any of these items. Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore! Just open up your eyes and take a look at the video below:


But we all know that there already had been production manufactories like this before. So what is the difference between promoforever and all other promotional products providers?

Direct promotional product supplier

We are a direct manufacturer, and everything produced in our facilities are totally made by our own materials, machines, etc. how can this be good for you?


Cheapest Price Guarantee

You can never buy the same item that a manufacturer sells directly, to the same price from a distributor. Just subtract all double delivery prices, double taxes, profit rates and etc. and you’ll see the amazing result.

High quality

With using all European material for our products, from the hugest brands of machinery to minor cellophane powders, all our items come out with perfect quality and completely flawless. This means that we also have the guarantee for our products’ quality which is very important in case you have a slightest problem with your products. Hard to believe?! Better ask our customers and see! 😉

Custom Made & Full Color Printing

When you order a pre-made bag from a distributor and they print over their stocked bags, it’s impossible to make an edge to edge or full-face print. Most of the distributors use a single and simple logo on your items without any further designs and on standard sizes and colors of items. We can always make 100% customized items for you with all your desired details.

On Time Delivery and small MOQs

No need to worry about the delivery time anymore. Most of our items get ready in our huge facilities of 2500 m2 and more in only 10-15 working days. being placed in the middle of Eurasia, makes it even better for delivery. It means instead of months and months of waiting for your products to come by, you can get them in 2 days! just like shopping from your hometown online shopping center! And then again, we won’t boher you with our super natural quantities. most of our products are starting from 500 pcs minimum and you can have them in a very resonable price too.

Years of Experience

More than 30 years of production and trade market experience has made Promoforever Co. a rising star in the promotional products market. With a well trained and experienced staff from production to sales and design departments, our colleagues are waiting to serve you in the most perfect ways.


Importance of Promotional Products

Attracting new customers with the use of promotional products is so obvious that there is no time to mention it repeatedly in each and every article. Now we’re going to jump onto the more important issue: “how to find the best promotional products”.


How to find the best promotional product

Thinking out of the box and always seeking the impossible to make is our one and only motto. This means that you can always count on us for your unique ideas and designs. Providing you with high quality, new ideas and cheap prices is the least we can offer you. so let’s take a look at our list of products that you can use for each business type:


From Promotional Hanging car air fresheners to notebooks and notepads, you’ll have a wide variety of choices that are suitable for all kinds of events and companies. With our new paper engineering promotional products, you’ll be able to outshine in any event you attend with the cutest and most creative brochures that you’ll giveaway. With a cheap price and high-quality full color imprint, they will raise your brand awareness to the top.



Opening up different molds for plastic pens and producing your custom mousepads has turned into an affection for us. With having such an affection, we of course didn’t stop making the plastic items at pens and mousepads. Plastic keychains, coasters, PVC products, cups, stationery products and so on are now our specialty in promotional products.



With the health problems growing each and every day in the whole world, the best to make an impression with your logo is to showcase it on a hygienic product. Order wet wipes and tissue boxes to show your customers you care about their health.



One of the best ways of promoting your brand is to use it on recycled tote bags and cotton bags. With the full color printed tote bags, you will be able to showcase your logo everywhere on the streets. Custom made gift bags are now in wholesale in promoforever. So, catch the chance and start a great branding campaign for your brand with our huge variety of fabric bags from tote, canvas and non-woven to cotton and nylon bags.


Leather is always a perfect idea for your luxury giveaways. You can also set up all your preferred items in a box and make a VIP gift set for your honorable clients.


You can always customize your preferred products too. You don’t have to stick to the previous standards. Just let us know your imaginations and dreams about the new products, and we will make them come true… so, think out of the box…


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5 Tips to Make the Perfect Promo Pack

5 Tips to Make the Perfect Promo Pack

So maybe you just wonder why you would want to create a promo pack at all. Well, let us explain this way… why would you want to stand out from the others in your business? Or why do you want to have impress your customers and increase your sales? These are the best answers to the first question. Now that you know why is preparing a promo pack for your organization is so important, let’s see how you can do it in the best way.

Where Do You Use the Promo Packs?

 Of course, the first place that would come to everyone’s mind is festivals. Just think about how many times you’ve gathered those free giveaways from festivals. Also, think about the impact those free gifts had made on you at the time. The joy of getting a free gift from someone or some organization you barely even know, is undeniable. So, for spreading that joy in your own way in festivals, prepare a promo gift pack for your customers and potential leads. Think of the places your name will travel to with each of those people who you’ll give something to use in everyday life. That would be a great exposure for your brand for sure.

  • Fairs, expos, trade shows and exhibitions. If you’re attending a trade show for promoting your brand, you must, should and have to give away gifts to the visitors. Attending an exhibition without preparing gifts for the visitors is like making a TV advert without adding words to it! People will forget your name in the crowd of thousands of others doing just the same thing as you do. So, you must remark your name and carve it into their mind. A promo pack is the first and best way of doing this. Have your logo on display and hand your gifts to your potential customers to be.
  • Seminars & conferences. Maybe you’ve never thought of the pens and pads you give in your seminars in that way, but yes, they are also promo gifts. So how nicer it would be if the pads, pens, lanyards, and even the catering paper cups and plates have your name on it instead of some non-name prepared design. These useful gadgets can help everyone leaving the conference remember your name for a longer time.
  • Events – This can be anything including weddings, corporate events or office sports days. Promotional packs can be so varied, so you can easily target different audiences. How can you refuse?



Top Tips on Creating the Perfect Promo Pack


  1. Appealing Packaging

 The packaging of any promo pack is the first and most important thing that your customer sees. Making it playable, striking and eye-catching gives your customers the desire to open it carefully and look it up whole. Just like the colorful bubble envelopes you send out before your exhibitions; these appealing packages will also attract the attention of everyone to your super cool brand. Bright colors and full color image printed items are very important in making the first impression on your clients. We can offer you amazing packaging from full color image printed fabric bags to the bright colored and foil printed paper bags and boxes.

This will draw people to it and the first thing they will do is to open it.

  1. Fun; no matter how many times…

 A fun gift is always the best option to give to your customers. Fun items attract people more, no matter how many times they’ve seen or use it before. So, a fun product will never get out of date and will be in the middle of the attention zone all the time. Give your customers a paper engineering product with your name on it (a pop-up gift card, infinite stress card, phone stand cards and so on). A cheap but striking product for all business types. Add a stress card to your promo pack to do the trick of being a fun informative flyer and call your customers to action in the finest way possible.


Colors, Colors, Colors!

 We can’t stress enough how important it is for promo packs to be bright and eye catching. If your logo only has one color, why not choose bright full colored products to create the impact you are looking for. If your logo is bright and has lots of colors, go wild! Combining embossing and debossing, shiny/ matte, glitter effects, liquid filling, soft touch, using faux animal skin or fur packaging, etc. can always make miracles.


What to Use in Your Promo Pack?


The list of what to use in promotional packs is endless and will depend entirely on your target audience and event. We have gathered some ideas below:

  • Tissues and wet wipes – always useful for any spillages or simply to freshen up!
  • Brochures/ leaflets – for detailed information
  • Power banks/ USB flash drives – the best way to give your customers a very valuable and useful gift to use through years.
  • Fabric Bags (non-woven & tote) – nice large branding area on a very useful item
  • Notebooks/ notepads/ pens – there is always someone that comes unprepared without one. Prepare them a nice pen and notebook and surprise them with your insightful gift.
  • Keychains – versatile/ low cost but in the same time very handy. everyone owns a pair of keys!
  • Car air fresheners – everyone can use one in their car or even home. Let the good fragrance of a spring flower garden maintain your brand awareness in minds.
  • Fun items – stress card it is and nothing more to talk…


How We Can Help You

 If you follow these steps, we are 100% sure that you will be able to come with the perfect promotional pack ideas every time! If you need some help creating your pack, simply get in contact and we can help you design your own kit with an all over full-color printed barrels, bodies or labels.


As always, please don’t forget to send us your thoughts on the article and let us know what you think of the perfect promo pack and what else should be packed in them.

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Best Promotional Holiday Gift Ideas

promotional holiday gifts

Best Promotional Holiday Gift Ideas

Ho, ho, ho! Looking to spread some holiday cheer among customers and employees? Our mind-bending selection of holiday promotional gifts should do the trick for you. Celebrate the Christmas holiday and promote your brand this December 2019 with our unique corporate gifts.

According to statistics, corporate merchandising is a $125 billion industry. And of course, there isn’t any better way than giving some gifts and branded merchandise to your customers for making them happy during the holidays. This means that choosing the right promotional gift for your clients and colleagues is a dead serious subject! But how to choose the perfect gift for your clients? Don’t worry… we’re here to help you out choosing the best item as your business gift.

First, take a look at our catalogue of 2019 Christmas gifts to get some ideas about cheap spectacular gifts and then read this article to see what you can order and how you can use them. You’ll find a wide variety of holiday giveaways and gifts at prices to please any budget at Promoforever Co.

Why promotional gifts matter even more on holidays?

Signing a contract and starting a cooperation with a company is just the same as buying something at a store. How? In both cases your client has tons of other options to buy or work with. So, it’s important to convince them to choose you over their other options. Of course, your first and most important key to persuading people to buy from you and trust in you is your service quality and price; but, it’s also very essential to keep the clients close to you. this makes them come back to you each time they need your services. Give a gift that says you appreciate your customers and you’ll fulfil the expectations to the topmost point. Yet, there are a few rules to have the most effective item for your customers:

  • Customize: Making the gifts special and customized for both your company and your clients
  • Low Price: Everyone can buy expensive gifts to impress their clients but is it the right way to gain customers by over payed items which are even more expensive than your own sservice? No!
  • All-time items: giving something that would only do the job for you on a special day, isn’t the best way to engrave your name on your clients’ minds! Go beyond the holidays and give gifts that would remain in their everyday lives for a longer time.

So, let’s see how to obey these rules and top notch this year’s Christmas gifts:

Customized promotional items to give as holiday gifts

Let’s face that the only way to make outstanding corporate gifts is to personalize them. It might look hard but it’s not. Our minimum quantities are so low that you can easily order a different item for each group of your clients. This way, you can avoid giving the exact same present to all your customers and consider their personal hobbies and interests in your promotional gifts.

Here is an example; If you own a gym and want to give holiday gifts to your clients, you can consider giving different items to the men and women there. Women would love branded pocket wet wipes, while men would like to have the promotional drawstring backpack to put their clothes in. why? Don’t forget that women won’t use any bag with their clothes!!

Cheap promotional items V.S.  expensive VIP Gifts

Don’t overdo the whole promotional gifts thing with giving a gift that’s worth more than the service you’re providing! This won’t make your brand look luxurious, but you’ll seem to be trying so hard to trick people into your business. Just make sure that your gift is proportionate to the amount of money that your client is paying you so, no one would feel awkward about your gift.

Think beyond the holiday season in holiday promotional items

When you give your clients merchandises which are useful for them through the whole year, it will make your company stand out on a regular basis for a longer time than just one day, “the holiday or event day”.

Now that you know why promotional holiday gifts are so important, it’s time to take a look at some ideas on amazing promotional products for your customers!

Perfect Present Ideas For Customers

The first step in providing your customers with promotional gifts is the quality and price which will work for your company and customer. With high quality items you can show them how much you care about them and with buying cheap products, you can spread your word through a bigger community of your customers and lead clients. After that you can top it all off with some meaningful Christmas gifts.

Here are some meaningful client gift ideas:

Want to know a secret? A calendar mousepad is an incredibly affordable gift that you can give clients all year long. It will also last all year long! And this means a lot more durable advertising with a cheaper price. All that you have to do is send your customer a mousepad calendar so they can use it as both calendar and also a mousepad on their desks.

Bonus points: Calendars will last for a year and he final layer of rubber mousepad will last even more than that

Not sure if your client has a PC desk?

You can ship them a notebook instead?

giving your client a professional moleskin with your logo is an unforgettable gift! Do you want to keep it even more high in class? Give them a VIP set of notebook, power bank and pen agenda.

Do you want to keep it really low key yet very useful? Try buying some car air fresheners for your customers. These promotional full color printed and custom shaped air fresheners can represent your brand in 25 different scents! They are extremely affordable and besides, who wouldn’t want to put an air freshener in their car and house around that time of the year?

Want to take it up a notch?

Order the air fresheners in the form of decorative stones to add more delicacy to their interior design and stay in there for more than 6 months with their super long-lasting fragrances!

More Unique Holiday Gifts

 Aren’t you pleased with our previous suggestions? Are you looking for more unique and VIP items? We got your back on this too. In fact, you can’t stop impressing your clients by giving these items to them:

buying your customer a USB flash drive with your logo branded on it is a fantastic gift. They will use it for a lifetime and appreciate your very cool gift during all those times when they use it.

Have you considered giving your customers the present of Pens? You can go with different kinds of pens from plastic to metal and VIP pen sets. All branded with your logo.

What’s the real deal about giving a Power Bank to your clients? Honestly, most customers would rather receive an up-to-date techy present than something they might never even use! That’s why you should purchase some modern digital gadgets like power banks, speakers, etc.

Finalizing the ideas: Choose the items according to your business type

It’s ok if you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your clients. We’re still here to help with a cheat sheet. First of all, don’t forget that no matter what you choose, your clients will love any presents you give them cause it’s a PRESENT! So just brand a gift suitable for your budget and go on with the production. But if you want to specialize something for your own business, just take a look at our categories and see what we got there which is perfect for your brand. There is a wide range of different promotional products, made just for you!

Need some more assistance? Contact us for all of your promotional holiday gift needs!

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Car shaped car air fresheners

Car shaped car air fresheners

After the trend of personalised dog air freshener and personalised number plate air freshener, the trend of car shaped car air fresheners came in with the begining of 2019. This trend has got some of the car manufacturers ahead of the other brands. The reason for this is that the hanging car air fresheners are one of the best ways of representing a business. But you don’t have to be a car manufacturer to use a car shaped car air freshener as your promotional gift. Read this article to understand why…

Car air freshener for all kinds of businesses


Imagine your brand logo printed on an epic red Ferrari. Well, doing this will cost you an arm and a leg but you can do it for 0.04 € instead! How? With printing it on a Ferrari shaped car air freshener. This might not look as luxury as the first option but believe us it has an even bigger impact on your customers. Because, the number of the people who sit in a taxi and see the car air fresheners personalised for your brand are way more than the ones who will see a Ferrari racing in the streets!

The best luxury car air freshener


Luxury doesn’t always mean expensive. With our standard car air fresheners, you can show your brand off. Or you can go with the standard size car air fresheners with a super low price and guess what… you will have this standard car air fresheners with free shipping to your address. An air freshener for the cars is the best way to express yourself for your customers in every part of the city. So, go to our long-lasting car air freshener category page and start promoting yourself for good.


There are many other personalized car accessories in promoforever promotional products co. You just need to check the website and contact us for a great change in your financial status ever. Also as always please leave a comment and tell us about your journey through your business improvement.

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Best car air freshener deals


smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people’s moods and even affect their work performance. So, it means that you can make a great influence on people through fragrances. Among all different kinds of fragrance promotional products what could be more efficient than a custom car air freshener? A hanging car air freshener with an amazing fragrance will make your brand name to people’s memory. Why? Read the article and you’ll understand.

A funky car air freshener for a funky impression


If your business relates to the youth, undoubtedly a funky car air freshener is the best way to represent yourself to them. Most of the youngsters today use or have a deep passion for cars and stuff related to them. With ordering a custom car air freshener with your logo in a funky way, you will have the chance to make a huge step forward in getting your customers attention. In this case, we offer you different types of custom shaped car air fresheners like a 3D Shaped Car Vent Air Freshener will be an excellent choice for promoting your brand. choose your fragrance according to your car air freshener shape or your business title! A vanilla or Framboise Cake Scent would be the best choice for bakery promotional air fresheners!

 Which one is better? Car air freshener spray or hanging car air freshener


You can choose both due to your business type, but you must keep this in mind that a hanging symbol of your business has a better impact on people than a bottle in the dashboard. So, for staying in front of people’s eyes we offer you our best seller of the year, the Standard car air freshener. Go to our car air fresheners category and see the unbelievably cheap prices of them.

Best car air freshener for a luxurious promotion


If you want to show your brand off in a luxury way, you still can choose car air fresheners as your promotional gifts. There are many different types of luxury car air fresheners that look very higher in price than they really are. This way you can represent your business with a super affordable price but a higher impact. Take a look at our Premium Individually Packed High Quality Car Air Fresheners and see yourself the difference.


There are even more of these amazing car air fresheners among our promotional products. Go to the category and order the ones that suit your brand better than any other ones. Also comment your experiences of working with us to help us improve our services.