Plastic PVC Keychain – PVC 1

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  • Promotional Plastic PVC Keychain
  • With Custom Shapes & Prints
  • Full Color Imprinted
  • lead time: 10 working days


Packing Details:

Quantity Per BoxBox SizeBox WeightCBM
1000 pcs26x28x38 cm10 kg0.0277

Ek bilgi

1- 1000 pcs

0.50 € –> 0.43 €

2- 2000 pcs

0.42 € –> 0.36 €

3- 3000 pcs

0.36 € –> 0.31 €

4- 5000 pcs

0.27 € –> 0.23 €

Plastic PVC Keychain – PVC 1 için 7 inceleme

  1. Corona School

    These tags are used to help with our afternoon student pick up process it is a part of our safe school practices. Students are given a tag which hangs on the zipper of their backpack all year. Each students tag is numbered to match a pre numbered Permit that hangs in their parents car, school staff match students tags to parents permits, works great! The color changes every year and it has the school name on the front of it. These are very durable they last all year!!!

  2. Life Storage

    These are great – we give two to each customer for their keys to their storage unit. By being imprinted, should someone lose a key, the finder can call us directly because our information is on the key tag. Also, these a great marketing tools in addition to being utilitarian – our customers love them and are impressed!

  3. Nicole

    We used this for our wedding with our own photo and it was shaped like us too! they looked really good

  4. Abu Ali Samah

    Great Key Chain as Iraq FLAG

  5. McCally

    Very Well Liked.

  6. Used Cars PL

    Good item, we give one of these to our customers who purchase a vehicle and they’re shaped as BMW cars.

  7. St Luke’s Hospital

    Perfect key chain to include on the mini supply bags we provide each of our hospice patient’s with upon admission

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