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Top 10 Summer Promotional Items

With the hundreds of thousands of different promotional products to choose from, we get how overwhelming the selection process can be for your brand specially if you’re the only decision maker of your company’s promotion and marketing. Google tends to be the go-to guru when researching “quality” products, but Google doesn’t have all the answers and the saddest thing is that google pays more attention to the advertisement a brand has instead of their quality. Well, Mr. google obviously can’t touch and feel the quality of goods! Truly excellent promotional products that will maximize exposure for your brand can and do get lost in the cyber-sea most of the time. So, in the name of mighty marketing and awesome advertising we would like to present to you our carefully selected list of Top 10 Summer Promotional Items Your Brand Needs NOW! And by now we mean right now … aka from the official first day of Summer!

  1. Frisbees are perfect for a beach day or picnic in the park. 

Well everyone from 7 to 70 use them and we all NEED them! Promotional frisbees are the PERFECT item to pack for any summer activity and really turn heads! So what could be better than an item that all your customers will definitely love and use?

  1. The “bag” of all trades. 

We’re “bag” into multi-purpose solutions. This burlap tote acts as a grocery sack, tote bag, laundry bag, cooler, and even waste bin … hold the applause. With a special lining inside, this bag can essentially do it ALL. More uses = more logo exposure … talk about a win-win.


  1. Forget the Fanny Pack! 

With summer creeping around the corner, this means one thing, summer vacation! These neck hanging Pouches not only protect precious items (i.e., passport, smartphone, cash and hotel keys) but they also showcase your brand to anyone (and everyone) you see. Just hang them on your clients’ necks and let people see your logo everywhere on their travel destination


  1. Non-Woven Bags are the bomb.

BBQ’s, Graduation Parties, Company Events, you name it and this branded non-woven bags will be just around and hold your stuff for a longer time than many other promotional products. You can sell them as your shop’s grocery bags too! Whaaat?! Can an item have more usage???


  1. Promotional water bottles

a total treasure for all time sport lovers and a summer essential for all travelers. Showcase your logo on any kind of these bottles from thermos to detox bottles.

  1. Get creative with your brand using these imprinted paper cups and plates!

These high quality, food safety certificated paper cups and plates are the perfect choice for all summer picnic days, BBQ parties, birthday parties, etc. all you must do is to print your name on them and let people drink on your logo!!!


  1. Blow up the Balloons, not your job!

The best time for playing with balloons is of course summertime! Print on our colorful shiny promotional balloons and let people rise up you name into the skies.


  1. Windshield sunshades will protect their car and your name!

With these printed carton or metalized car windshield sunshades your logo will be there on the shiniest way possible.

  1. Chill them down with hand fans

Hot days can be tolerated better with the branded custom shaped PVC and Carton hand fans.

        10. Car Air Fresheners

The last but not the least is of course our all time best sale, the car air fresheners. order now your favorite fragrance among our essences and see the difference for yourself.


order now your favorite items and get ahead of you rivals

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