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Trick or treat?! Best Halloween Gift Ideas

Blood-curdling Halloween gift and giveaway ideas!

with Halloween on the corner, everyone gets into a struggle for their Halloween celebration gifts. We’re going to help you out with the best ideas on Halloween party supplies and gifts in this article.

A Halloween gift is on of the best ideas for growing a company’s brand awareness. Come on, admit it, you all love the Spooktacular gifts of Halloween. So why not giving them away yourself this year and print your logo on them too?! What an amazing eye-catching blood curdling idea! Let’s see what we got here for you on this very special occasion, everyone’s favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN… 

What do people give for Halloween?

This question is somehow unnecessary. It’s like asking what to give someone on his birthday! You can give them anything they like which is representing you at the same time. It’s also the same in Halloween gifts. But well, if you’re planning to give your items away as a promotional item, then it should be something that almost everyone in your niche loves. The good thing is that you can print your logo, image, slogan and everything relating to you on our products so anything you choose can be completely relative to your job. Now here is a small list of some of people’s most liked items (according to last year’s Halloween sales):

Paper Halloween Party Cups

Paper cups are always one of the number one best sellers in every occasion. As they do in other celebrations, these promotional paper cups will do the perfect advertising job for you on Halloween too. Pour red wines in your bloody paper cups and suck them up with your vampire teeth! These cups will be a perfect option for your Halloween parties. Check the image above out and see the frightening effect of a good promotional item for yourself.

Blow some Balloons up

A party isn’t a party without balloons. Decorate your bar with these printed pumpkin balloons or just order your favorite witch face balloon for a funnier advert attack. print the custom promotional balloons for this year’s halloween instead of using simple everyday life’s balloons in your party.

Pop the Eye out of their head

Simply print these eye shaped stress balls and squeeze them with your name on them poping up more and more each time.

Super Tricky alternative item: stress cards

Halloween It’s getting bigger and bigger each year. So, this is the perfect time to play games and have some fun with your customers. This time go with a brand-new different item than what people are naturally expecting to see. Give them the playful gift and de-stressing item, the cheap paper card. You can print everything about your company like a brochure on them and they will still keep playing with the card.

Best gift for bar owners, Promotional coasters

So, you’re a bar owner and will eventually put on a huge Halloween party at your place. Then, you have to serve them drinks on your printed cool coasters. Imagine a pile of blood under a bloody wine cup. Or a spider web under spider printed mugs! And your logo will be there all the time no matter what you want to print on them. This must be the most amazing party ever!

Pumpkin gifts… to die for!

The most amazing Halloween symbol is pumpkins without a doubt. After printing pumpkins all over your treat and trick paper bags, coasters, keychains, balloons, puzzles, banners and etc, it’s now time to make a real pumpkin!

This year’s brand-new Halloween promotional item is our pumpkin fabric bags. They not only have the print of a pumpkin face on them, but also are sewn like a real pumpkin. Believe us, kids will keep on using these amazing bags until they tear apart (which won’t happen in a thousand years!) so, your brand will be there on Halloween trick or treats and then will keep on being there in schools, streets and everywhere else them kids go.

Literally hanging bodies as car air fresheners!

Hang your favorite skeleton from people’s car mirror with a wide fragrance range with over 25 different scents. Make bats fly in the cars carrying your logo and spreading the perfect smell of your desired perfume.


You can still use your imagination and turn the most modest product into a devilish promotional product just right for the occasion. You can also match up your favorite items to have a gift package for your very important customers. So check out our other products and contact us for your early orders and don’t get surprised by a bad timing for your party supplies.



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