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5 Tips to Make the Perfect Promo Pack

5 Tips to Make the Perfect Promo Pack

So maybe you just wonder why you would want to create a promo pack at all. Well, let us explain this way… why would you want to stand out from the others in your business? Or why do you want to have impress your customers and increase your sales? These are the best answers to the first question. Now that you know why is preparing a promo pack for your organization is so important, let’s see how you can do it in the best way.

Where Do You Use the Promo Packs?

 Of course, the first place that would come to everyone’s mind is festivals. Just think about how many times you’ve gathered those free giveaways from festivals. Also, think about the impact those free gifts had made on you at the time. The joy of getting a free gift from someone or some organization you barely even know, is undeniable. So, for spreading that joy in your own way in festivals, prepare a promo gift pack for your customers and potential leads. Think of the places your name will travel to with each of those people who you’ll give something to use in everyday life. That would be a great exposure for your brand for sure.

  • Fairs, expos, trade shows and exhibitions. If you’re attending a trade show for promoting your brand, you must, should and have to give away gifts to the visitors. Attending an exhibition without preparing gifts for the visitors is like making a TV advert without adding words to it! People will forget your name in the crowd of thousands of others doing just the same thing as you do. So, you must remark your name and carve it into their mind. A promo pack is the first and best way of doing this. Have your logo on display and hand your gifts to your potential customers to be.
  • Seminars & conferences. Maybe you’ve never thought of the pens and pads you give in your seminars in that way, but yes, they are also promo gifts. So how nicer it would be if the pads, pens, lanyards, and even the catering paper cups and plates have your name on it instead of some non-name prepared design. These useful gadgets can help everyone leaving the conference remember your name for a longer time.
  • Events – This can be anything including weddings, corporate events or office sports days. Promotional packs can be so varied, so you can easily target different audiences. How can you refuse?



Top Tips on Creating the Perfect Promo Pack


  1. Appealing Packaging

 The packaging of any promo pack is the first and most important thing that your customer sees. Making it playable, striking and eye-catching gives your customers the desire to open it carefully and look it up whole. Just like the colorful bubble envelopes you send out before your exhibitions; these appealing packages will also attract the attention of everyone to your super cool brand. Bright colors and full color image printed items are very important in making the first impression on your clients. We can offer you amazing packaging from full color image printed fabric bags to the bright colored and foil printed paper bags and boxes.

This will draw people to it and the first thing they will do is to open it.

  1. Fun; no matter how many times…

 A fun gift is always the best option to give to your customers. Fun items attract people more, no matter how many times they’ve seen or use it before. So, a fun product will never get out of date and will be in the middle of the attention zone all the time. Give your customers a paper engineering product with your name on it (a pop-up gift card, infinite stress card, phone stand cards and so on). A cheap but striking product for all business types. Add a stress card to your promo pack to do the trick of being a fun informative flyer and call your customers to action in the finest way possible.


Colors, Colors, Colors!

 We can’t stress enough how important it is for promo packs to be bright and eye catching. If your logo only has one color, why not choose bright full colored products to create the impact you are looking for. If your logo is bright and has lots of colors, go wild! Combining embossing and debossing, shiny/ matte, glitter effects, liquid filling, soft touch, using faux animal skin or fur packaging, etc. can always make miracles.


What to Use in Your Promo Pack?


The list of what to use in promotional packs is endless and will depend entirely on your target audience and event. We have gathered some ideas below:

  • Tissues and wet wipes – always useful for any spillages or simply to freshen up!
  • Brochures/ leaflets – for detailed information
  • Power banks/ USB flash drives – the best way to give your customers a very valuable and useful gift to use through years.
  • Fabric Bags (non-woven & tote) – nice large branding area on a very useful item
  • Notebooks/ notepads/ pens – there is always someone that comes unprepared without one. Prepare them a nice pen and notebook and surprise them with your insightful gift.
  • Keychains – versatile/ low cost but in the same time very handy. everyone owns a pair of keys!
  • Car air fresheners – everyone can use one in their car or even home. Let the good fragrance of a spring flower garden maintain your brand awareness in minds.
  • Fun items – stress card it is and nothing more to talk…


How We Can Help You

 If you follow these steps, we are 100% sure that you will be able to come with the perfect promotional pack ideas every time! If you need some help creating your pack, simply get in contact and we can help you design your own kit with an all over full-color printed barrels, bodies or labels.


As always, please don’t forget to send us your thoughts on the article and let us know what you think of the perfect promo pack and what else should be packed in them.

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  4. Creating a promo pack for your business does seem like a tricky thing to do. My sister wants to open a cupcake bakery next spring and she wants to make a promo pack send to wedding planners in her area. I liked your suggestion about including pens. It does seem like if she uses good pens the planners would use it for a while and then they would remember her business.

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